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    • Jess & Bonnie Dixon

      A new attendee At your fellowship mailed me a bulletin and copy of last week’s sermon on “The Wrath of GOD.” My wife and I read the sermon notes on our patio yesterday morning during our morning “Java and JEHOVAH” time and I said “Amen!” throughout the sermon notes and comments, seeing that the pastor was truly preaching the Word, and the most important thing that he was focusing upon “the one thing needed” (Lk 10:42) Jesus and the authrntic Gospel.
      We have wanted to visit your fellowship for weeks but been unable. So the Lord willing and those “Cree Indians don’t rise again” we will be there to worship and praise the Lord with you this coming Sunday July 12. We’re bringing our Bibles for we believe all followers of His Majesty should copy the Bereans.
      By the way, we have been praying for you and your group for weeks, ever since first hearing about your group. GOD bless. Do I have to leave my “hoss” outside? 🙂
      P.S. Telling our neighbors about your group and inviting them. See what faith is built upon a single Gospel sermon!


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