Our Vision Statement

“It is the dream of a place where the sick, hurting, the depressed, the frustrated, and the confused can find love, acceptance, help, hope, forgiveness, guidance, and encouragement, and healing.

It is the dream of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with the thousands of residents in Kern County who love western heritage culture and country music, including the unchurched community of country musicians and singers.

It is the dream of welcoming 5,000 members into the fellowship of our western heritage church culture family-loving, learning, laughing, and living in harmony together.

It is the dream of developing people to spiritual maturity through Bible studies, small groups, seminars, retreats, and a Bible school including training country musicians and singers in the art of leading worship in spirit and truth – modeled after King David’s training program for musicians in the Old Testament.

It is the dream of equipping every believer for a significant ministry by helping them discover the gifts and talents God gave them.

It is the dream of Planting at least one country church every five years in surrounding areas around Bakersfield, CA, and sending out career missionaries and church workers all around the world, and empowering every member for a personal life mission in the world, starting in Bakersfield.

It is the dream of at least fifty acres of land, on which will be built a church for Kern County-with beautiful, yet simple, country western themed facilities including a worship center seating several thousand, a counseling and prayer center, classrooms and puppet ministry for children, special areas for teens and young marrieds, Bible studies and training for lay ministers, a coffee-house style recreation area where the congregation can relax and listen to country gospel bluegrass musicians sharing original songs that have been inspired by the Lord..

All of this will be designed to minister to the local person-spiritually, emotionally physically, and socially-and set in a peaceful, inspiring western themed landscape.”

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